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If you're seeking plastic caps, transit plugs or transit caps we can help. Our wide range are:

  • available for fast delivery (usually 3-5 days)

  • able to be produced in short runs and custom organic based colours

  • proudly manufactured in New Zealand

  • we have in-house recovery and can be returned for recycling

We can produce your caps in a range of sizes 24 -95mm.

They can be plain or tamper-evident and in a FDA organic based colour specific to your requirements. Food Grade / contact Polymers

Our transit plugs and caps come in a wide range of sizes to suit metric, imperial and JIC fittings and hoses.

In most cases we have stock on hand ensuring quick despatch.  Plug and cap colours can be customised.

large sizes are 25, 50 and 65ml capacity with short tear drop handle or a long handle.

In small sizes the 20ml, 18ml 15ml with long or standard handle,12.5ml, 10ml, 5ml and 3.5ml with standard handle and a 5ml/2.5ml Measuring Spoon

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022 527 3404
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We produce a range of cups for sampling and testing food and beverages.


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